A few Chemistry jokes for those science geeksJokes

March 21, 2013 09:03
A few Chemistry jokes for those science geeks

A few Chemistry jokes for those science geeks

1. Never trust an atom, it makes up all kinds of things!

2. Earth is a diverse place to be in. It is made up of alkynes (read all kinds) of people.

3. Carbon and Hydrogen married without even dating for a day. They bonded all too well the moment they met.

4. What can scare chemists beyond their wits? Methylated spirits

5. Chemists are great problem solvers, they have all kinds of solutions ready.

6. Reading a book about Helium? I bet you can't just put it down.

7. My chemistry teacher loved telling us about ammonia. It is basic stuff.

8. Ice lived in a Borosil test tube and was in love with bunsen burner. The love was sadly one sided. Ice used to say, “Bunsen, my fire, I just melt at the sight of you”. The nonchalant bunsen used to say, “It's just a phase”

(AW- Anil)

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