A woman driving on the highway loses controlJokes

March 29, 2013 06:03
 A woman driving on the highway loses control

One day, a woman driving on the highway loses control and careens into the wrong direction and slams into a car driven by a man. Their cars are crushed to the core but luckily not a scratch on both of them.

After getting out of the wreckage in a few seconds, the woman tries to cover up her mistake saying, “God is great. Nothing happened to us. Probably this is a sign from him that we shouldn't sue each other and just be friends.”

The man who is yet to come out of the confusion just nods in agreement and says, “ya probably”. He also finds an undamaged scotch bottle inside the car. He takes it out from the wreckage and chugs a third of the bottle, calming down his nerves.

After getting the bottle down, the woman asks, “Aren't you...”

The man cuts her sentence short, “No, lets just wait for the police”. Alcohol can make you think right at times ;)

(AW- Anil)

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