Three friends enter a bar.Jokes

April 09, 2013 05:39
Three friends enter a bar.

Three friends enter a bar. After ordering a few drinks they start talking about how they are the supreme power in their houses dominating their wives.

One guy says, I say something and it is a direct order. My wife knows better not to take more than 15 mins to get the job done.

The adjacent guy says, my wife is afraid to sit next to me unless I tell her to do so.

The third guy was awfully silent and the other two ask. What about your house? Will your wife abide by your commands?

"Well, the other day she came down on her hands and knees,"

That's amazing man. But what did you do?

"Erm. We had a fight and I hid under the bed. So she had to get down to call me out".

(AW- Anil)

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