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December 18, 2020 07:07
10 ways to celebrate New Years at home this year

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This year was a rather difficult one with the pandemic and other complicated situations which arose. Since social distancing protocols should be followed this season till the vaccine arrives, it might not be possible to party with friends or celebrate outdoors. So we are here to tell you 10 ways to celebrate New Years at home this year.

1.Decorate your house

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It might be relatively dull to party in your house without any decorations. Add balloons, confetti, banners and lights to elevate the mood of the room.

2.Set up a photo booth

New Years New Years is a memorable day to remember and obviously, you would want to photograph every moment. Set up a photo booth with props to make the pictures look more creative and fun. The props can range from anything from DIY (do it yourself) to store bought products.

3.Create a family time capsule

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Ask each family member to write down their wishes and dreams for 2021- their aspirations, resolutions and ask them to deal their responses in a box or jar with other memorable items to open up on new years. Whether you're with friends or family, this fun activity is applicable to any group

4.Have a nostalgia trip

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Go through old pictures, videos and memories to reminisce how the decade went by. This can create a fun yet emotional moment during this time of the year.

5.Board games are not so boring

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Get the group energized with a little competition! Find a few board games that can keep everyone engaging and can make things fun for the whole group. Consider giving out some fun and exciting prizes to keep everyone engaged.

6.Add a little sparkle

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Add a little sparkle everywhere- to the decorations, house, food and even your makeup. Sparkle can always add the exciting element to celebrations.

7.DIY food bars

Set up a food booth where guests can add sparkle to food, decorate cookies or even make their own burrito!

8.Virtual countdown

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Since you might not be able to connect with all your friends or family in person, Host a video calling session to connect with everyone you would want to to wish them a happy new year.

9.Have colored theme parties

Make you party as colorful as possible. Colorful drinks, foods, decorations etc.

10.New Year Movies

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Watch new year movies to spend them new years to get into the spirit of new years.

Hope you all have a happy and safe new years!

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By Meena Atmakuri

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