From Face to Butt, 6 Body Parts You Should Never Touch with HandsHealthy Living

August 29, 2019 11:42
From Face to Butt, 6 Body Parts You Should Never Touch with Hands

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Touching some of our body parts like face, eyes, and mouth is something we do consistently on purpose and at times unconsciously. And, if you question what’s wrong with fiddling with our own body parts, then you ought to read this article.

Our fingers are constantly in contact with keyboards, money, handsets, and many more which are usually coated in bacteria. By scratching or pricking some of your body parts with bare hands, you could be spreading viruses and allergens around your skin.

So never touch below-mentioned body parts with your hands.

1. Skin Under Nails

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Needless to say, a lot of bacteria thrive under our nails and we make every effort to prick the layer of dirt from under our nails. If you are doing that, we urge you stop it this very minute because pricking tens to trauma in its own right and then any bacteria or yeast can lead to onycholysis, where the nail lifts off the nail bed. It is recommended to keep your nails short to cut down the chances of bacterial carriage.

2. Butt

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You can wipe and wash your buttocks but remember never prick! Your anus holds bacteria that could lead to harmful conditions. Make sure that you wash your hands Always make sure that you wash your hands from top to bottom after you clean your butt.

3. Ear Canal

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At times we unconsciously touch our ears as soon as it starts itching. The ear canal, the pathway running from outer ear to the middle ear, can tear with your fingers. There whenever you feel itchy, it is better to visit an ear doctor rather performing your DIY skills on your ear. Whether it be wax accumulation, eczema of the skin, or infection, an expert will be able to address the problem and refrain from touching your ears with hands.

4. Mouth

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Some people tend to put their hands in their mouth when they are bored at work or at college. As a lot of many germs is accumulated on your hands you are on your own transferring germs inside your body that could lead to infections.

5. Face

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Unless you are putting some skincare formulas to your face, keep your hands off your face. If you are under thought that pinching your pimple or pores on your face can be a permanent solution, then you are mistaken. Because the oils from your fingers can plug your pores and make it look worse.

6. Eyes

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Keep your hands or fingers away from your eyes as much as possible unless you are wearing your lenses or washing your eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive part and germs effortlessly stick inside your eyes leading to conjunctivitis and other scary infections. In case you are experiencing itchiness and dryness, instead of handling by yourself it is recommended to talk to your eye doctor.

By Sowmya Sangam

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