Five factors that create exam stress in children!Pregnancy & Parenting

October 12, 2016 10:41
Five factors that create exam stress in children!

It is natural for children who are preparing for exams to be under pressure. The exam stress can have both positive and negative impact on children. A certain amount of stress is rather considered to be effective and beneficial as helps children in adequate preparations but sometimes, when it spirals out of control, it can have dangerous effects on them which might lead to poor performance.

Here are some factors which will help you to determine whether the exam stress is beneficial or whether it has reached to disastrous proportions in the child.

Lack of preparation and planning:
This is the most common and relative reason which causes exam stress in children. If they left any part of the study material uncovered, feelings of anxiety is natural. It is generally observed that children start their preparation for exams as soon as they get their exam time table and this last minute studying enhances this anxiety factor.

Parental expectations:
Most parents want that their child should come out with highest marks in all the exams. Children are made to understand that they are required to attain good grades whatever it may, which enhance the exam stress. The unfortunate tendency in some parents to fulfill their dreams through their children and they fail to realize that they are exerting undue pressure on the young minds at a very tender age.

Pressure from within:
This refers to the pressure which gets built up in the minds of the kids due to their own thoughts and beliefs. A belief grows in their minds that they are required to perform well consistently in order to be judged as a good student. This is imbibed in the kid since their early childhood. So as the child grows up, the kid is under a constant pressure that he needs to maintain his grades and be at his very best at all the exams.

Competition from peers:
When it comes to academic performance, the competition level is very high these days amongst students in schools. It builds up a lot of pressure that leads to stress especially in mediocre students as they associate it mostly with the fear of rejection.

Poor dietary habits or lack of sleep:
Most children skip their food and reduce sleeping hours during the exam preparation, which leads the stress and may cause several health issues. Due poor dietary habits or lack of sleep, the body feels overworked which may lead mental and physical stress.

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