This Soon-to-Be Mother Prepared 152 Meals, 228 Snacks to Save Time After Baby’s BirthPregnancy & Parenting

March 22, 2019 13:39
This Soon-to-Be Mother Prepared 152 Meals, 228 Snacks to Save Time After Baby’s Birth

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Beyond question, motherhood is the most beautiful experience with desperate straits at intervals. And the instant baby is born, the challenges apparently increase.

To keep that frame of mind right, several moms-to-be these days have to dig up amazing hacks.

Jessica May Magill revealed that just days prior to her delivery, she prepared an astounding 152 meals and 228 snacks when she was 37 weeks pregnant to save time after her fourth child is born.

Jessica made a decision to get in a fit state for her fourth child’s arrival. She wanted to make those sleep-deprived early days of a new baby easier for her entire family. With swollen ankle joints and nearly-ready to pop, the mother cooked up an array of snacks, pre-school meals, desserts and the likes for her family.

“Everything I made was vegan (except for kids' scrolls) and lots are nut free for preschool lunch boxes, showing you can eat yummy food with allergies or food preferences,” Jessica explained to Healthy Mummy. “I know I will be starving while breastfeeding and my kids are massive snackers, so now I can relax and know we all have healthy options sorted,” she added further.

Jessica’s Meals

- San Choy Bow x 12 serves

- Meatballs x 12 serves

- Lentil Patties x 8 serves

- Devilled Sausages x 8 serves

- Chorizo Pasta x 8 serves

- Lentil Bolognese x 8 serves

- Vegetarian Chilli x 8 serves

- Bean and Corn Enchiladas x 4 serves

- Peanut Butter Chicken Curry x 8 serves

- ‘Hulk’ Mac and Cheese x 24 (kids) serves

- Vegetarian Sausage rolls x 24

- Loaded Veggie Sausage Rolls x 28

- Choc Chip Banana Bread x 32 serves

- Peanut Bubble Crunch x 18 serves

- 5 Ingredient Choc Chip Fudge x 12 serves

- Bounty Bites x 20 serves

- Wholemeal Choc Chip Muffins x 24 serves

- Vegemite Scrolls x 32 serves

- Salted Caramel Bliss Balls x 24

- Chewy Choc Muesli bars x 24

- Seeded chocolate bars x 18

- Weetbix Slice x 24

Each one of the meals and snacks she prepared is healthy choices.

Jessica said she thinks carefully about what she is making and starts with the recipes that take the longest first. She further advises all the would-be mothers to decide on the recipes with similar ingredients so that they can buy in bulk and also save money.

By Sowmya Sangam

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