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July 11, 2013 08:36
Dirty Jokes for Adult Humor

Most men love adult dirty jokes and they can often surprise you with such type of jokes. It is a way of bonding with the other men. By sharing adult dirty jokes, one can entertain people and they become more open to each other because they share an important thing they all appreciate: the humor. Of course, women don’t appreciate this connection because it’s a thing that only guys can understand.

These jokes are usually shared when men come together at the bar, when they repair cars, play soccer, golf, and so on. And humor is an important part of these experiences.

Keep in mind that these jokes are written only for fun purposes and are not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. But be careful, because if your joke has disgusting or misogynistic ideas in it, ladies may not feel comfortable and they won’t appreciate the joke. On the contrary, instead of making others feel good, your joke may cause an embarrassing situation.

Moreover, we suggest that you find an equilibrium regarding this kind of subjects, because you can easily turn the funny activities into perversions.

In what follows you can find some funny dirty jokes for adult humor:

A pussycat and a rooster were sitting on the shore. The pussycat falls into the water and the rooster laughs. The lesson that you learn here is that when there’s a wet pussy, there’s always a happy cock!

What is the similarity between a woman and a tornado?
They are both warm and humid at the beginning and when they leave, they take your house and car.

What do women and condoms have in common? They stay for a longer time in your wallet than on your penis.

A young girl came home from school and asked her mother: “Mommy, is it true that kids come into the world through the same spot where the boys put their thingy?”.
“Yes, my dear!”, said the mother, thrilled by the fact that the subject has been finally opened and therefore she isn’t under the necessity of explaining to her everything in details anymore.
The girl replied: “Ok, but then when the time comes for me to have a baby, won’t all of my teeth fly out of my mouth?”

It was B.B.King’s birthday and his wife has the idea of making him a special present. She goes to a tattoo place and she tattoos her husband’s initials on her buttocks; one “B” on the left buttock and another “B” on the right one. When B.B. King comes home, his wife greets him only in bathrobe.
“Happy birthday, dear! I’ve made you a special present”, said the wife.
Saying this, she takes her clothes off, turns her back on him and bends forward. When he sees this, he replies: “Very impressive, but who the heck is BOB?!”

Source: Whatafy

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