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June 15, 2024 07:05
Special Signs of Love Bombing

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Love bombing can be an exhausting and manipulative experience that is often disguised as intense love. To protect your emotional health, it's important to recognize the signs. Relationship coach Jivika Sharma reveals the top signs that you might be experiencing a love explosion.

Revealing all the details too early: In the early stages, love bombers tend to reveal too many personal details, creating a false sense of intimacy and trust. This quick exchange of information can be a tactic to communicate with you quickly.

Excessive flattery: Flattery is normal in a budding relationship, but the love bomber overdoes it. They always compliment you and make you feel special, but their flattery is often insincere and manipulative.

Intense Communication Followed by Disappearance: A love bomber will initially bombard you with constant messages and attention to make you feel valued. But after some time it suddenly disappears and you may get confused and ask for confirmation.

Sweet Talk: Her sweet words and friendly demeanor can be deceptive. Love bombers are good at manipulating others with sweet words and making a good impression.

Simple promises and simple excuses: You tend to make simple promises and commit to a future together. However, over time, the promise can be revoked for reasons such as “parental consent.” Such excuses often mask their true lack of commitment.

Puts you on a pedestal: Love bombers make you feel like the center of their world. Although this basic treatment is welcome, it is often unsustainable and unrealistic.

Exclusive entitlement to care and love: They often claim to be the only ones who truly care and love you, isolating you from other supportive relationships.

Disregarding boundaries: Love bombers may ignore your personal boundaries and demand more intimacy and control than you would like.

Always Needs Your Presence: They constantly crave your presence and feel guilty about spending time without it. This behavior is intended to create dependency and control.

Requires constant attention: Love bombers need constant attention and approval, so they often feel the need to satisfy their needs at their own expense.

Assertiveness: You assert that you trust and believe in them in all situations, even when their actions are questionable.

Understanding these signs will help you recognize and avoid a love bomber's manipulative behavior. It's important to maintain healthy boundaries and build a balanced and respectful relationship. If you notice these patterns, take a step back and evaluate your relationship trust and mental health.

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