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    Cheap Date 2012-04-24 15:17:08

    Worried that his son was spending too much money on dates, Little Johnny's Father asked how much his last date had cost. Little Johnny calculated a minute then replied, "Oh, about $15 or so I think." "Well," said his Father,...

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    Kiss and Slap 2012-04-02 12:27:26

    A young Technician and his General Manager board a train headed through the mountains on its way to Wichita. They can find no place to sit except for two seats right across the aisle from a young woman and her...

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    New Bowling Rules 2011-03-20 07:23:00

    Supplemental Rules for Bowling If you holler "overs!" before the ball passes the arrows, you get to throw the ball over, unless of course, you get a strike. In which case, you can renege on the "overs". When your team...

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    Marketing Strategy 2012-04-23 15:38:05

    Morris was a very successful marketing director. Sadly, his wife Shirley dies. At the cemetery, Morris's friends and family are appalled to see that the headstone reads: "Here lies Shirley, wife of Morris, MCIM, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and...

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    At a football game three men 2013-05-09 08:59:35

    At a football game three men got stuck sitting behind three nuns. They couldn't enjoy the game very much because the nun hats obscured their views. So they decided to disgust them which would coerce them into leaving the place....

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