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    Virginity tests are discriminatory in indonesia women’s police 2014-11-19 08:28:58

    The Indonesian government subjects female applicants for Indonesia’s National Police to discriminatory and degrading 'virginity tests,' Human Rights Watch said. In a series of interviews with HRW, nine women who had applied to become police officers said as part of...

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    virginity test, Sumatra Island, virginity test proposed for high school girls, Virginity

    Virginity test proposed for high school girls? 2013-08-21 05:27:47

    In a largely conservative-Indonesia, sexual liberation of girls is still unthinkable. To repress young girls from engaging in extracurricular sex and protect against prostitution, Sumatra education board head recommended that all girls undertake virginity tests before being admitted to the...

    Keywords: Muhammad Rasyid, Virginity test proposed for high school girls, Muhammad Rasyid, Virginity test proposed for high school girls

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    adult jokes, adult jokes, virginity comparison, Virginity

    Virginity Comparison 2015-04-14 08:54:14

    Describe 'Virginity' in 2 words? ......... Center Fresh!

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    good relationship, good relationship, teens getting sexually active than ever, Virginity

    Teens getting sexually active than ever 2012-02-16 13:32:42

    A recent survey states the average age for losing virginity is 17. Is that so or are teenagers getting sexually active even earlier? Debarati S Sen explores … Studies have revealed that children, these days, are losing their virginity at...

    Keywords: international high school, recent survey, good relationship, virginity 17

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    Bleeding Maybe, Contraception can fail, oh first time love too can be smooth, Virginity

    Oh...First-time Love too can be smooth...! 2013-07-11 08:36:42

    The first time you have Love, it's not all smooth sailing. In fact, many fears are attached to it. Dr Mahinder Watsa tells you what to expect (and what not to expect) the first time you get intimate with someone....

    Keywords: but wait, Bleeding Maybe, maybe not, it hurts

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