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February 16, 2019 10:51
Visiting USA for the First Time? Here Are Some Tips for You to Note

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The majority Indians dream about visiting the United States of America at least once in their life, and since it turned out to be quotidian these days, thinking of putting down roots in the U.S. has strengthened to a great extent.

So if you one among those planning to visit the U.S. for the first time, a lot of questions may pop up in your mind. Apart from material things, there is a big difference between India and the U.S., including lifestyle and culture.

Below are a few points to bear in your mind before visiting the U.S. for the first time:

Learn to Drive

Public transportation is definitely not a good idea in the U.S., except for a few places like New York. That being the case, learning to drive a car is all the time a good thing.

Try to get the international driving license so that you can learn and drive for some time before getting a license. Mostly driving a car in the states is much effortless when compared with India since every person will be following the traffic regulations accurately.

Get Medical Insurance

Unlike in India, you can’t buy a small medicine in the absence of a prescription. Besides, you have to register yourself with the hospital before consulting a doctor.

Since medical expenses are extremely expensive in the USA and one cannot live on without medical insurance. For the most part, the employers provide medical insurance. If not, you should get medical insurance as soon as possible.

Get all the basic medicines from India. If you have a kid, then get medicines for them as well. Apart from this if you under any medication, take that too along with the original prescriptions.

Basic Kitchen Appliances

Although most of the kitchen appliances are acquirable in the USA, it is always more fitting to take some from India due to the difference in cost.

It is good to take the mixer grinder that is compatible with U.S. rating. Dedicated mixer grinders for U.S. ratings are available in many brands. In the USA only blenders are available and that cannot be used for grinding hard materials.

Forget Dhoties And Sarees

The dressing style in the USA casual and liberal. Men may forget to wear dhotis and women may forget to wear sarees and salwar kameez. At the start, it will seem strange but eventually, it will become a part of life.

Climate In USA

The climatic conditions in the USA differ with each state and it has as well many time zones.

For instance, if you are in California, you won’t experience much wintertime and snowfall and the climate is the same throughout the year. In Washington D.C., you may experience severe wintertime followed by snow from September. It is advisable to purchase the winter clothes in the U.S. rather taking from India.
Communication Facilities

Take a laptop and internet connection as soon as possible so that you can communicate with your loved ones in India. You can get international India calling cards for making calls to India.

‘No’ Gas Cylinder

There is no concept of a gas cylinder in the USA. So you don’t have to effort lifting and replacing it every time. Also, you don’t have the fuss of booking and waiting for the cylinder.

In the USA all the houses will have the preinstalled ovens, either electric or gas. The gas oven is similar to the one in India having the knobs for controlling the fire except that you don’t have a cylinder.

An electric oven will take some time to get heated up and you cannot control the intensity of fire much when compared with gas stove.

-Sowmya Sangam

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